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Indoor advertising
on the territory of Russia



Business centers
Shopping malls
Super, hypermarkets
Gas station
Fitness clubs, stadiums
BTL, promotions, event

Indoor Rus - the placement of advertising

We place indoor advertising in Moscow and Moscow region, in Saint-Petersburg, Leningrad region, in federal districts, in the cities the cities of over one million people, in other regions of Russia, regional centers and international routes on the territory of Russian Federation. HideMore

The cooperation with great online stores (super markets, hyper markets), malls allows carrying out advertising campaigns of grocery and no grocery goods promotion all over the country.

Address to visitors of business-centers allows efficiently carrying active and business audience the advertising news at relatively low cost advertising campaign. Audience targeting capabilities within one area, at the city level, in the largest cities of the Russian Federation, taking into account the class of BC, activity tenants.

Different kinds of advertising in cinemas, fitness clubs, bowling, on sports grounds and also in cafes, bars, restaurants allow to cover the necessary target audience in leisure and rest places.

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